WooCommerce Store Custom Design


Maybe your store could have a better UX, and you’re losing sales. Or maybe you’re relying on a premium theme, and your store looks just like many other stores.

Your website should be unique, tailored to your brand. A custom design differentiates your business from the competition and helps to solve your unique design problems.


Having the right design working for you is more than just choosing the right colors. It’s how it works, it’s having the right elements in the right spots. It’s testing ideas, to understand what works and what can be done in a better way.

I keep my design choices objective, and every decision we’ll take together will be motivated by the goals that we need to pursue.

The result will be a high fidelity mockup that I or another developer of choice can use to code the actual website.


After a consultation and a discovery phase, we’ll have a clear idea of what direction the design of your site needs to follow.

I always start by creating a wireframe so we can have a conceptual guideline to follow for the high fidelity mockup(s) we’ll realize.

I use Figma to create WireFrames and Mockups. Depending on how many templates I need to design, this process can take from two weeks up to 2 months.


The regular client of this service is an online store or membership website that, after a period of success, found some obstacles that aren’t trivial to solve.

These problems can be a difficult website to navigate for your customers, the need for several new functionalities, a lower than average conversion rate, or something along these lines.

WooCommerce Store Development


You have mockup files ready to use, and you need to turn them into a website.

Sometimes you have new mockups that also require us to create and integrate several new functionalities in the new version of your website.


I can work with Illustrator, Zeplin, Figma, Sketch, or any other tool that web designers use. By following the provided mockups, I will create your custom WordPress Theme compatible with WooCommerce.

Depending on the budget you reserved for the project we can create a custom theme from scratch or use the functionalities of an existing theme to create a unique website.


Starting with the homepage and the fundamental templates, I’m usually able to produce a working demo within two weeks from the start of the project.

After showing you the first demo, I continue the development and necessary testing of all the site’s functionalities across different devices and browsers.

The development and testing of your new online store usually will take up to 3 months, sometimes more. When the new website is ready, we’ll sync all its data (orders, clients, and more) with the current live version and plan the deployment of the new version.


The typical client of this service is a marketing agency or branding studio that wants to have full control of the design phase of the project and just outsource web development.

Another scenario is when the online business has a web designer in-house and lacks a web developer.

Custom WooCommerce Plugins


Sometimes your business is so unique it needs a particular functionality that no other store has. If you’ve searched for plugins free or premium, and you didn’t find any plugin with the feature you’re looking for, I can help you.

Custom functionalities can have the power to automate or simplify your work, or to add new exciting features for your customers. With a custom plugin, you may be able to either save time or to increase your revenue, sometimes both.


Usually, this kind of project leads to the creation of a plugin that you can install/uninstall and migrate to other WordPress websites as well.

But it isn’t always the case. Sometimes, if the feature is simple, it’s enough to customize a part of your website’s theme code.

Depending on the context of the project, it may be that we’ll decide together to build a plugin that only works for your specific website.


The development of the plugin, depending on its complexity, may require different phases. Until we discuss in detail your idea or needs, it’s hard to say how long it can take.

Custom plugin development usually ranges from 1 day up to 1 month or more.


The clients of this service is usually an agency or studio that has an SoW ready and needs help with the plugin development.

Another regular client of this service is the online business that needs a particular feature, either requested by his personal needs, his team, or his customers.

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