What I do, in a 
few words

I know you’re busy, so let’s get straight to the point. I use the skills I’ve learned over the years to create e-commerce websites. My mission is to help my clients to enhance their online presence by improving performance, workflow, and design.

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Who I work with


You're a medium/big sized branding (or similar) agency that needs help to realize your client's website. I can work on a white label basis and be your "ghost" developer or designer.

Ecommerce/LMS business

You own an e-commerce business and need help in improving your existing website. You're already making sales but want to increase your profit by taking your website to the next level.

Ecommerce/LMS Startup

You're turning your idea into an organized business. You need help to improve your e-commerce/LMS website, or maybe you need an advisor to help you build one great site from scratch.

I build websites
since 2007

I started to build websites a long time ago. Way before someone created WooCommerce.

I learned how to create websites for clients in the hardest (and probably funniest?) way. By working for an agency that had way too many projects, and way too few developers.

This forced me to deal with a variety of challenges every single day for several years, with clients and businesses of all kinds.

I found work as a web developer first. But one day I decided that my job wasn’t complicated enough, so I started to offer web design services as well.

My passion for e-commerce websites made me specialize in e-commerce development. Why E-Commerce? Probably because in any online business your store is more than a normal marketing channel: it’s often the center of your business. And with e-commerce is always easier to measure the impact of our efforts.

Certified skills and
reviews from past clients

I’m a certified developer working on the best WordPress freelancer platform on the market: Codeable.

You can check all the reviews from my past (recent) clients on my Codeable profile.


"Matt was exceptional in every way, from first contact to completion. His communication was crystal clear and this made sure he had every detail just right. There were no amendments required to his work, he simply delivered the job flawlessly, ahead of schedule."

Ed. P.

"Matt communication and understanding of my requirement is by far the best have ever experienced online. Thanks Matt"

Elisha K.

"Matt is fantastic to work with! A great communicator, expert coder, and sage advisor of the likely business impact of key decisions you might be wrestling with. We hope to continue to work with him :-)"


"Great work, great communication, all delivered on time."

Matthew W.

What can I do for you?

WooCommerce Store
Custom Design

If you're struggling with being different from your competition or your current web design is harming your business, this is for you. Together we can find a strategy to increase conversions and more.

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WooCommerce Store Development

You have a new mockup designed for your website, and you need to turn it into a custom theme. This service is for you. I can develop a website which is fast, easy to maintain, and with a simplified workflow for you and your team.

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Custom WooCommerce Plugins

If your business has a unique obstacle, and you can't find an existing plugin, this service is for you. I can create a custom plugin just for you and your business, to simplify or automate your work.

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